Benchmark Technologies offers over 100 different types of activated carbon. The full spectrum includes activated carbon in the form of powder, granules, and cylindrical pellets. Our products serves a wide variety of applications: water purification, protection of RO membranes, sewage purification, gas purification, alcohol purification, pharmaceutical production processes, air filters in gas masks, air filtration masks and more. Benchmark Technologies holds stock in Israel, backed up by Donau Carbon's warehouses in Germany and across the globe. This ensures fast and uninterrupted supply of activated carbon to all our customers.

Air & Gas Treatment - SUPERSORBON® / OXORBON® / DESOREX®

Donau Carbon offers a broad range of activated carbon tailored to the specific needs of the various air and gas cleaning applications: besides extruded and granular grades, which are used in fixed bed adsorbers, powdered qualitites for injection are available.

Water & Waste Water Treatment - HYDRAFFIN®

Activated Carbon for drinking water purification, groundwater rehabilitation, treatment of service and waste water. Activated carbon is used either in powdered or granular form, depending on the specific application and process.

Treatment of Liquids - CARBOPAL® / EPIBON®

Adsorption technology is widely employed in the purification and decolorisation of all kinds of liquids in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry, like glucose, oils and fats, seasonings and glutamate, wine, beer and juices.

Special Applications - ALCARBON®

Air filtration applications require activated carbon grades featuring excellent hardness characteristics and high retentivity.